2 days ago
Telstra sells $700m property trust stake

Who would have thought that the NBN would drive up real estate prices.. But WAY back in yea old times a phone operator had to plug your telephone connection into a another socket and then manually ... See more

Telstra has offloaded its 49 per cent stake in a newly established property trust to a consortium led by Charter Hall for $700 million.

4 days ago

Novix migrated to NBN today.. if you had any bounced emails today it was because the "internet" was up to 8 hours working out we had moved our services.

5 days ago
Australia will now headhunt tech talent for permanent residency

Australian Universities train great Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and increasingly less I.T. workers - so we have to import them?

... See more

‘Global Talent Officers’ to recruit 5000 skilled migrants.

1 week ago
Go 8 Bit: The Video Game Show

Retro game lovers - just in case you missed it


Award winning comedian and well-known gaming and technology fan Dara O Briain hosts his third comedy series celebrating the world of video games. Part comedy panel show, part physical game show, and ... See more

2 weeks ago
Fujitsu to build Australia's next supercomputer

Australia is getting a New Super Computer - finally - the last one is near 7 years old.


To be used by CSIRO, Geosciences Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

1 month ago
NAB loses Microsoft extended support lifeline for Server 2003 apps

Bank with the National Australia Bank (NAB) welcome back to the past... As annoying as Microsoft updates can be on your home PC - Your bank might be still using software based on technology more ... See more

Forced to re-home them as vendor calls time.

1 month ago
G20 puts tech giants on notice over terror

Facebook+Google+Apple+Microsoft+++ Are so big they would qualify as a G20 country, nice that the G20 say it is time to protect their "citizens" ... See more

The world's leaders have pushed social media giants to root out terrorism and violent extremist content to protect everyone using the internet.

2 months ago
BBC - 13 Minutes To The Moon: new BBC Podcast tells the story of the people behind the Apollo 11 moon landing - Media Centre

It's nearly 50 years since NASA put a man on the moon - BUT it is also nearly 50 years since SOFTWARE landed on the moon. Yep the lunar lander only had 4096 bits of read/write memory, and the rest ... See more

On 13 May 2019, the BBC will be launching 13 Minutes To The Moon, a 12-part series covering the Apollo programme through the final dramatic 13-minute descent of the Apollo 11 mission, when everything ... See more

2 months ago
First electric Vic police car hits road

Electric vehicles are coming and now maybe with lights and sirens...


Victoria's hoons are on notice as police introduce their newest addition to their fleet, an electric car that can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in less than three seconds.

2 months ago
Colossus the Robot Firefighter @ Notre Dame Cathedral Paris 2019

You might have seen the media reports this week that the 5G wireless broadband network has been officially turned on. It's been marketed as downloading a whole movie in 10 seconds... that's great ... See more

Watch Colossus the robot helping firefighters at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Amazing robot created by Shark Robotics. - - - Credits - - - Vide...