1 week ago
‘Majority’ of MotoE fleet ‘destroyed’ by fire - Speedcafe

Dodgy battery charger?

A reminder that chargers you use in Australia must be approved for use in Australia. They will be marked with an Australian approval number and bear the Regulatory ... See more

A majority of the MotoE bikes have been ‘destroyed’ by a fire less than two months out from the electric motorcycle series’ inaugural race date

2 weeks ago
Industryus HR

A recent Facebook related case has again shown the Fair Work Commission's willingness to support employers in the Unfair Dismissal jurisdiction where serious breaches of safety have occurred.

A ... See more

3 weeks ago
Union Repair

Apple have already been fined for past attempts to stop 3rd party repairs. I Know Adam (aka MrFonefix) uses the best 3rd party screens, please take the advice about upgrades until Apple play fair ... See more

Please DO NOT UPGRADE to iOS 12.1.4 for your iPhone X, or there will be touch failure and ghost touch issues. The fault rate is very high, so please do not risk upgrading your iPhone X ... See more

3 weeks ago

Bring Your Own Device..... Workplaces now often allow employees to use their own phone, tablet or computer at work - for work purposes - But did you know you need to tag and test their chargers - if ... See more

3 weeks ago
Designs complete: World's biggest telescope to be constructed in Australia's outback

The Square Kilometer Array telescope is physically huge, but the data it will generate is mind boggling - 10 times the entire internet traffic will flow out of it when operational

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The world's biggest telescope is on track to start construction in Australia's outback in 2020 with infrastructure designs now completed.

1 month ago

Cyclone Oma advice
if your backups are in the cloud - check they are up to date - don't assume they are working

If you backup to a local hard drive etc - make sure that is up to date AND in a ... See more

1 month ago
NBN Co plans four-month HFC blitz

NBN for Cable connected (HFC) premises rollout to be accelerated.

This means if you home/office has a foxtel cable connection you may get NBN in the next few months.

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Releasing up to 200,000 premises a month to sale.

1 month ago
Super Retail Group admits to underpaying staff

Maybe not so Super?

A bit like the spectacles Ad.. should have gone to Industryus HR


The Super Retail Group — home to brands such as Rebel Sports, BCF and Super Cheap Auto — admits to underpaying staff $7.9 million last year.

1 month ago
Australian security services investigate attempted cyber attack on parliament

Australian Parliament Computer network has been "hacked" under the new data breach laws you have to advise everyone that their details may have been compromised - going to be a big mail out for the ... See more

Asio among agencies looking at hacking attempt in Canberra amid suspicion a state-based actor could be to blame for would-be data breach

1 month ago

Do you own a www web site?

The "thing" that turns your www.whatever into an internet address is called a DNS server, From Feb 1st lots of companies will treat your web site as insecure if you don't ... See more